Alt+Tab is your friend...repeat that mantra until it's embedded in your
head...that's what i do 8^)

Tommy Holden

"Aaron Bartell" <aaronbartell@xxxxxxxxx>
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07/30/2008 10:10 AM
Re: *** ADMIN: EGL vs. <anything> == Off Topic -- REVERSAL

Is having more than one monitor the norm for companies in the USA?

I give WDSC sessions at a couple conferences and I ask how many people
dual monitors and quite a lot do. What's funny is not all of them are
using WDSC yet! LOL!

I have a 22" SyncMaster 225BW Samsung (love it) and then my laptop 15"
monitor next to me. I bought mine for $299, but you can get them on sale
at BestBuy for $199.

To re-inforce what David said, the productivity gains can pay off in 6 to
months for a new convert. I can have WDSC open with four different LPEX
editors and the RSE view in full effect. Here's an example:

I actually upgraded to two 22" monitors for awhile, but believe it or not
that made my neck sore because I was going back and forth so often across
almost four feet of monitor - crazy :-) I think I will try it again but
take a different approach in how I use the two 22" monitors and put the
lesser used apps on the monitor that isn't right in front of me.

Aaron Bartell

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