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Trevor Perry wrote:
IBM apparently disagrees with green "simple operations". Managing systems
using a (simple) web interface is the order of the day, and the direction of
the future.

Having a web interface doesn't help if the web instance is encountering errors
... and can the web admin console respond to messages in halted jobs?

It seems that the majority of servers have an HTTP interface to manage their
systems today. In fact, you can stick an ethernet cable from your pc to the
HMC port on a System i server and get a browser interface.

Is that a 'web' interface? Hmmmm - I don't think a systems management
interface is necessarily web, depending on how you define 'web'. Which is
part of the problem. If you want, the iPhone 5250 application can only be
accessed over the web, so is it a web app?

Ultimately, a web systems management tool is great, because I can access it
from outside the building. Using the "I must have a console" can only be
used as an argument inside the server room. Using it to justify iPhone 5250
does not work quite as well.

Don't get me wrong ... I'm all for modernization ... but the web isn't the be
all, end all, solution for everything. All OS's have command lines (well,
maybe not older Mac systems). Users may not need to use them ... but
administrator, operators, and programmers certainly do.

And when can you NOT have a command line interface in a browser and over the
web? I think there are two different arguments getting wrapped up in each

"Hey, look at this 5250 emulator app on the iPhone! It talks to this OS
called i - I better get one of those..."

I find it amusing that Booth would buy an iPhone just to get 5250 emulation.

And you took that statement seriously?

I forgot the stupid <sarcasm> tags, sorry. Actually, Booth even ~buying~ an
iPhone is not something I can imagine.

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