Trevor Perry wrote:
I think this is confusing because the original question was about
5250 for the iPhone, and it morphed into a CLI vs iNav argument. My
attempt to bring it back to the original question flopped.


As for iPhone, it ~must~ have the web in order to work with your i.

Although it does have a web browser, it does *NOT* require a web browser.

You cannot plug it into a cable direct to your i - or direct to your
network. It connects using wireless technology to the web,

Um, where did you ever get that idea? Wireless networking has *NOTHING* to do with the web _WHAT_SO_EVER_. Wireless networking is just NETWORKING without wires. You get an IP address just like you were plugged in to the network directly. The web has nothing to do with it. All you need is a wireless access point plugged into your network.

Without the web, the iPhone cannot see your i... Hence, 5250 for iPhone is a web app! :-)

Clearly you do not understand networking very well.
5250 for iPhone is a native iPhone application that uses sockets to communicate to port 23 on the i. The web never enters into it.

FWIW: The iPhone supports PPTP VPN (and others, I think, but I'm not sure) for security.


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