As much as I like iNav, it performs abysmally when operating on multiple
objects. Case in point. Move 10 spooled files from one queue to another,
or changing spooled file attributes.

Command line: 2222222222 then outq(blah) or save(*yes). (Or both!)

iNav. Select a file. Properties. Now I have 10 properties boxes. Where's
"save"? Oh yes, it's that check box labeled "Keep file on output queue".
OK. Where's change the output queue? It's on the Printer/Queue tab. Four
mouse clicks later, I can type in the new queue. Repeat 9 more times.

Moral? Until IBM fixes iNav to be more multiple-object friendly when
changing attributes, it's almost always easier and faster to do some
operations via command line.

I was going to throw in a jab about scripting in iNav, but I think that
point is self evident.

Your point on _application_ usage is taken.

Loyd Goodbar
Business Systems
BorgWarner Shared Services

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There does not seem to be a reason to have a 5250 'emulator' other than
access old applications and perform your operations in an old manner.
is not a bad thing, it means that we can keep the older user populace
the i. It certainly is not something that is a reason to buy an i.

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