IBM apparently disagrees with green "simple operations". Managing systems
using a (simple) web interface is the order of the day, and the direction of
the future.

There does not seem to be a reason to have a 5250 'emulator' other than to
access old applications and perform your operations in an old manner. This
is not a bad thing, it means that we can keep the older user populace using
the i. It certainly is not something that is a reason to buy an i.

"Hey, look at this 5250 emulator app on the iPhone! It talks to this OS
called i - I better get one of those..."

I find it amusing that Booth would buy an iPhone just to get 5250 emulation.

On 7/25/08 7:16 AM, "David Gibbs" <david@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Yes, but even in the 21st century computers have consoles that are needed to
check the status of jobs, answer messages, etc.

I really don't think the iPhone app is going to be all that useful for doing
heavy duty 5250 interactions. I know the Windows Mobile version wasn't.

What it was good for, however, was basic console operations ... nothing heavy

Modernization is a good thing ... but there's always going to a place for
simple operations.


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