Other sources are at:

http://www.opengroup.org/dbiop/ Those are the official IBM manuals,
/apifinder/finder.htm SQL Client Integration Exit Program from the AS/400

Both are (very) technical and when skimming those sources I could not find
info to set up the "other site".

I think Dan was directed to the first link, when he proposed the open
source project.

With regards,
Carel Teijgeler

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On 17-7-2008 at 14:57 DeLong, Eric wrote:

Dan, I didn't see your post on that, but *I* would be interested in
learning more. I think this would be very popular in any shop where both
DB2 and MSSQL are in use, which is probably most shops these days....
Where could one find that technical details needed to construct one? I
seem to recall that IBM sold documentation (for mucho $$$) describing the
DRDA architecture, which is why I never looked seriously into the problem.

I found a document (copyrighted to DEC in 1991) on Microsoft's site that
explains some of the differences in the two standards... Of course, this
is slanted to make IBMs DRDA seem overly complicated, but it still seems
helpful to understand the issues.

Oh, here something (for z, but I would assume i would be similar)...

Ok, I gotta retract my "limited information available" statement above...
It seems there's more info than I recalled (though some is a little

Most of what I see out there is dated from the mid-90s....

Anyway, if you're serious about this, I might like to learn more.

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I tried to generate interest in an open-source project to build such a
DRDA connector a couple months ago and got exactly one response. I let
it go for apparent lack of interest.

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