Dan, I didn't see your post on that, but *I* would be interested in learning more. I think this would be very popular in any shop where both DB2 and MSSQL are in use, which is probably most shops these days.... Where could one find that technical details needed to construct one? I seem to recall that IBM sold documentation (for mucho $$$) describing the DRDA architecture, which is why I never looked seriously into the problem.

I found a document (copyrighted to DEC in 1991) on Microsoft's site that explains some of the differences in the two standards... Of course, this is slanted to make IBMs DRDA seem overly complicated, but it still seems helpful to understand the issues.

Oh, here something (for z, but I would assume i would be similar)...

Ok, I gotta retract my "limited information available" statement above... It seems there's more info than I recalled (though some is a little outdated)...

Most of what I see out there is dated from the mid-90s....

Anyway, if you're serious about this, I might like to learn more.

Eric DeLong

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I tried to generate interest in an open-source project to build such a
DRDA connector a couple months ago and got exactly one response. I let
it go for apparent lack of interest.

Dan Kimmel

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I think to use DB2/CLI from the i to access a MS Sequel Server, you must
have a DRDA acces provider installed. This is notoriouly difficult to
do, as there do not seem to many products that can provide this support.
Generally, the standard alternative approach is to use a Java based JDBC
driver (type 3?) to connect to the remote server. Scott Klement has
published several articles covering this.

Eric DeLong

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can anyone help me with the connection parameters to access the MSSQL
data base using SQLCLI?

i have been searching all day and the only example i found for SQLCLI
was for attaching to another AS400 data base.

in the example i have been trying to work with, i have the following
rc = SQLConnect(hdbc :
szDSN :
cbDSN :
szUID :
cbUID :
szAuthStr :

i have changed szDSN to the name of the data base (which i am able to
access via ms access odbc driver) but i do not know how to tell it the
location (ip
address) of the server that the MSSQL data base resides on.

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