Jeff Crosby wrote:
Isn't the execution of a CHGJRN command to a new receiver supposed to generate a message? (I think it's CPF7020)

No message is generated in the MSGQ assigned to the journal, though there is one generated within the joblog. I'm looking for a way to retrieve the name of the journal receiver that was just detached.


Previous receiver is reasonably easy to determine. A trivial example:

/* Begin paste */

dcl &RcvInfo *char 512

dcl &RcvLen *char 4
dcl &RcvName *char 20
dcl &PrvRcvName *char 20

dcl &ErrCod *char 4 value( x'00000000' )

chgvar &RcvInfo ' '

chgvar %bin( &RcvLen ) 512
chgvar &RcvName 'AUDJRN1703LAUDJRN '


callprc 'QjoRtvJrnReceiverInformation' +
( +
&RcvInfo +
&RcvLen +
&RcvName +
'RRCV0100' +
&ErrCod +

chgvar &PrvRcvName %sst( &RcvInfo 293 20 )
/* Get previous receiver name... */


/* End paste */

The request for receiver info is sent for the receiver named AUDJRN1703 in library LAUDJRN; that name is in variable &RcvName. The content of the returned structure has the 'previous receiver' name and library beginning in position 293 (offset 292) for 20 characters, name and library. That substring is placed into &PrvRcvName.

If you replace the value 'AUDJRN1703LAUDJRN ' with a receiver and library from your system, you should see its preceding receiver in &PrvRcvName in the dump when the program runs.

Of course, you have to determine what the starting (current?) receiver name is...

Tom Liotta

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