Good points. Also don't skimp on the coverage. Signal strength may be
fine until you get a pallet of boxes between the gun and the scanner.
When a warehouse employee is trying to scan a carton on the bottom of
the pallet the gun still needs to be connected to the access point.

Don't ask me how I know ;-)

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If you are evaluating several barcode gun systems (as you probably
should if you have any sort of challenging environment), the site survey
is a point that vendors will compete on. We had one vendor that was
willing to waive the fee for the site survey if they were selected. We
ended up selecting them on a number of other points, but it was good to
end up not paying for the survey.

Not sure what you're looking for exactly, but check out Psion-Teklogix.
We replaced an older Intermec system with Teklogix APs and guns and we
can count the number of system related issues in the past 4 years on one
hand (all small issues). Tech support calls that I can remember other
than hardware gun returns? I can remember ONE in the very beginning.
The system and protocol they use is rock solid. They also offer a nice
thin and robust 5250 protocol called TESS that runs in conjunction with
their APs (some of which become 'mini-controllers'). The guns have been
solid and work well until they get banged up eventually (they are used
in a rough plant environment). The hardware return process is an easy
web based RMA system and their repairs are quick and dead on. If I
remember correctly, the Teklogix solution competed well on a price point

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