Al uses language a little stronger than what I would but I believe he is
right. Even if it's "only $7,000" it $7,000 every time you upgrade a

I think Inovis is a wonderful translator. The support is very good.
But that much money is extortion.

Because of this type of business practices I would never put an EDI
translator on anything but a PC/Network environment.

But for all the noise you hear on the list, it's the deafening silence
from those who read and say nothing that will impact Inovis more.

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Sounds like more people were voting with their feet...

Exactly, though a few votes might be measured with hand gestures as

While it's true that a long term commitment might have lowered the
transfer price, their actions already assured that we aren't going to
a long term commitment. I could live with a higher maintenance cost,
what these vendors have instituted is, for the majority of iSeries
customers, a guaranteed sale every four years when the lease is up and
box is delivered. A sale that gives NOTHING of value to the customer,
raises the revenue for the seller.

Someone has described Windows Vista as the longest suicide note in
history. I'd describe this pricing as the only way to feel good about
yourself as you slit your own throat. I hope they enjoy the revenue
they can, because when the stream starts to run dry they will have few
customers and no friends.

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