But I totally understand - it's a matter of principal! I feel your

If I'm ever in the situation again to choose an EDI provider, Inovis
will be on the BOTTOM of the list because of this fiasco.

Good luck on that, all of them follow the same philosophy. We have a
whopping 5 customers with just POs and invoices. Extol pulled the same
thing with us.

I told the salesman that they were slitting their own throats and the
reply was basically, "Yeah, but we have you over a barrel right now". When
we implement a new ERP package we will can the software and never consider
an AS/400 package again unless the license fees are included in our ERP
license. If that isn't an option, we will go with a PC based solution and
support for the System i be @#$%^&.

As far as I'm concerned, I'll be happy when they all go out of business.
If you survive by extortion, you deserve to go under.

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