Do you have in Slot C04 a 5776 and it attaches to a 6594 4 Disk Sot


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Hi All,

Well, today i got my very own HMC for our internal 9407-515. It all
worked smoothly, after resetting the power on the machine the
communication between the HMC and 515 came up perfectly, reconfiguring
the resources for the already existing first partition was also a
breeze. I've IPLed the primary partition, and everything on that LPAR
is working perfectly (uses imbedded disk controller with 4 70GB disks
in a RAID5 Config).

I've then configured the second LPAR. The current configuration is as
follows: A 571B IOPless in Slot C4 with 4x70GB. A 571A IOPless in Slot
C1 with an external dvd attached.

A Mode D IPL from the DVD drive works perfectly, and i get dumped into
the LIC installer. However, that one complains that it can't find a
disk valid for the load source:

Install Licensed Internal Code - Error

A device could not be selected to be the load source.

Return to Dedicated Service Tools and run diagnostics
to determine why a device could not be selected.
Correct the problem and install the Licensed Internal Code

I have a .sysplan file created using IBM System Planning Tool which is
identical to the hardware config i have. It doesn't complain about the

Now, i'm not an expert von LPARs or the HMC, so i'm probably missing
something obvious.

Thanks in Advance for any replies!


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