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If your twinax workstation is the primary console, keep it!

I'll second that. And if the terminal you've got is busted, and won't come back to life, there are plenty of much nicer Twinax terminals for sale on eBay, for not a whole lot of money. Look for at least an InfoWindow (3477, available in green, amber, or full color), and preferably an InfoWindow II (3487, available in the same color options, or 3488 or 3489, either of which plug into a VGA monitor). Or Affirmative used to offer a Twinax Yestation terminal, that takes a VGA monitor and a PS/2 keyboard.

We've got a 3477 in amber (actually easier on the eyes than green; about the same color as the safelights used for B&W printing paper), and both a 3489 and a Yestation with color monitors, and I've also used a color 3477 and a color 3487. We also used to have a green 3180, but it was bulky, heavy, and a general pain in the butt to use, and I didn't mind one bit dumping it when it developed a short circuit so bad its fuse actually exploded.

If you're used to PC keyboards, you can get 102-key keyboards for all InfoWindow and InfoWindow II models; many of the vendors on eBay will gladly let you have whichever keyboard you want with your terminal.


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