If your twinax workstation is the primary console, keep it! Connecting
via TCP/IP is fine, but as soon as you need restricted state access
(endsbs *all *immed), your TCP/IP is gone.

Also IPL functions, system upgrades, etc. don't like it if the console
isn't present.


Loyd Goodbar
Senior programmer/analyst
TS Water Valley

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My system has risen from the ashes. Thanks for all the suggestions. I
liked the "BFH" & Crowbar options. I pulled one of the drives, smacked
it around some, and it's fine.

One more question - I've got a 3197 Color workstation as the console.
It's address and port are both "0" on the brick. I don't really use it
as I come in through TCP/IP. For some reason, it will not accept and
input from the K/B. Any entry results in a flashing Red "0037".

I know it would make a good boat anchor, but, any ideas?



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