Thanks for the input. It seems to confirm what I was thinking.

Shouldn't. Lead accumulators do have a memory effect, but it's not a big
problem as UPSs are seldomly discharged, and you DO exchange your
batteries after they have expired, right? :)

Yep. We have a maintenance contract and a guy comes out every year to
check it out.

Without knowing what your "router and comm. Equipment" are, it's very
difficult to answer this question. The big, modular cisco routers with
multiple redundant PSUs, Supervisors can suck just as much juice as
several big servers.

I should have mentioned that we have a Cisco 2600, a Cisco 1800, and about
2 or 3 Adtran TSU 120 CSU/DSU's. The switches are across the room but
since the building will be without power, keeping those up isn't a big
concern. We have a few other locations who's network traffic goes through
our location. That's my main reason for wondering if the Powerware UPS is
sufficient for a couple of days for the WAN stuff.

I fit is an online UPS, then yes. I didn't find an exact match for your
specs on Powerware's Website. But it most probably is an online UPS.

The generator would only be needed if the remote locations needed WAN
access to the Internet and System/I (which is located at our parent
company that will have power and network access).

Dave Parnin

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