#1. If the equipment is powered down, is it bad to let the UPS run
it's dead?

Shouldn't. Lead accumulators do have a memory effect, but it's not a big
problem as UPSs are seldomly discharged, and you DO exchange your
batteries after they have expired, right? :)

#2. Is it reasonable to think that the Powerware UPS could keep the
routers and comm. equipment running for two days if the 270 would be
powered down?

Without knowing what your "router and comm. Equipment" are, it's very
difficult to answer this question. The big, modular cisco routers with
multiple redundant PSUs, Supervisors can suck just as much juice as
several big servers.

Your UPS should have some administrative interface, there you should be
able to see the current load. Here's how this looks on our UPS:

(Not your typical System i Shop - we have a server room, not a

#3. If we needed to bring in a generator to keep power up to the
equipment, would the UPS "smooth out" the voltage from the generator?

I fit is an online UPS, then yes. I didn't find an exact match for your
specs on Powerware's Website. But it most probably is an online UPS.

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