Be sure your generator is 2-3 times the load on the UPS. If your UPS is
drawing 10kVA, then get a generator of about 25kVA or more.

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I've got some UPS questions...

Our facility is scheduled to have the power down for a couple of days next
month while some major electrical work is being done in the factory. We
have a number of "small" UPS's for PC servers and such. We also have a
Powerware 12.5/8. It used to be used for a now-retired 720, a 270, and some
routers and other communications equipment. The 720 is no longer powered up
but everything else is still running.

#1. If the equipment is powered down, is it bad to let the UPS run until
it's dead?
#2. Is it reasonable to think that the Powerware UPS could keep the routers
and comm. equipment running for two days if the 270 would be powered down?
#3. If we needed to bring in a generator to keep power up to the comm.
equipment, would the UPS "smooth out" the voltage from the generator?

My initial thoughts are that the answers should be no, yes, and yes but I
wanted to get some other opinions.

Dave Parnin

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