Better not to use anything like SQL for this kind of things.
Better not ever allow SQL like updates from the Web.
Better not ever allow any type of scripting access to your data directly from 
the Web.
Better to stay at the save site and have full control over what is entereing 
how into your system.
Other way's might seems easier but are not at all sufficient save for serious 
bussiness, leave them for the toy things.
Just use CGI and receive the data with Post (not Get) and just let your program 
diligently get it in the file.
Then you have full control over what you receive (from whom) and what does 
enter your datebase.

P.s And choose your place of work better.... Amsterdam...(almost worse then 
NewYork, Chigaco or London).

Kind regards,

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What we are going to do for now is what the other Paul suggested and send it 
over as all alpha then move the fields into the correct file, we are using the 
update of this file as a trigger to do stuff on the iSeries so it is not a very 
elegant solution but hopefully it will work, on Monday morning, now I have an 
appointment with the Friday evening traffic jam around Amsterdam.  :-)

Thanks for the help chaps.


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Try getting rid of the single quotes around &NumField when you construct the
SQLINSERT statement. Enclosing the value in quotes indicates a character


Paul Tuohy

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Hello All,

we have a problem trying to update a file from the web using ASP, this is in
our ASP script

SQLINSERT="INSERT INTO mylib.myfile (NumField)"
SQLINSERT=SQLINSERT &"'" &NumField &"')"
set connupdate = server.createobject("ADODB.Connection") "Provider=IBMDA400;Data;", "ABC", "ABC"

The field Numfield is defined on the iSeries as 7,0 and we have tried both
packed and zoned.

The error we get is the following.
SQL0408: Value for column or variable NumField not compatible. Cause . . . .
. : The data type of the source value is not compatible with the data type
of the target column or variable NumField

If we make the field alphanumeric then it works perfectly but we would
rather not change half a dozen programs to make them handle an alhpa field
instead of the numeric.

Anybody any ideas?



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