Steve seems to be real smart.
He never answers when it is a issue that is true and he has not an answer on.
He will always lead the discussion than to something different or even many 
different and often totally not related things (Smoke).
We seems to be stupid and let him do so.
We seems to be even more stupid because we react on his smoke again.
The smoke always consists stirring the ideas that the things we work with and 
where we believe in are reeeeeaallllllly bad. 
We all then end-up with a multitude of smoke which will never conclude to 
something and keeps us from doing the things we do best.
I think Steve likes to do this work in our community. 
I would vote to leave Steve to Steve.


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Subject: RE: MS Vista and iSeries Access support

Who said that iSeries Access doesn't run on Vista???  I have been using
various builds of Vista over the last few months on my work PC in a
dual-boot with XP, the latest being RC2.  There isn't anything that I
have found that doesn't work.  That includes WDSC and iSeries Access,
third-party Anti-virus and anti-spyware tools, IM clients, etc.

<begin rant> And why does a simple question about windows compatibility
always have to turn into a MS-bashing???  No, they aren't perfect.
'Nuff said.  Stay on topic! <end rant)

Bob Cagle
IT Manager
Lynk, Inc.

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Steve Richter

I am unaware of software compatibility problems that force users to
upgrade. Very curious to know why client access cant run on Vista.
Could be it is not written to use the .NET managed code framework.

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