No Steve.
It is about the function you want to have in this community and the way that 
you want to fulfill that function.
If you want to spread the word about how great MS software is I do not have any 
problem (although you could do that somewhere else because I'm not looking for 
that kind of information in these forums. If I want that kind of information 
I'm looking somewhere else).
If you spread that word through tearing down everything else (or better said 
the MS software is great because all the rest is worse).
Than you let us know two things:
- MS software is not that great (it only stands out because it is less bad than 
the competitors)(but we already knew that MS software is not always that great).
- You are not a part of our community but only here to advocate MS software.
I would be much more fair to also use your official MS e-mail address then.
Not reasonable MS bashing I also ignore.
But we have to live based on the facts and the sun is not always that bright as 
we tend or want to believe.
Bashing only with the goal to advocate however is reputable and should not 
happen in our community.

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Steve seems to be real smart.
He never answers when it is a issue that is true and he has not an answer on.
He will always lead the discussion than to something different or even many 
different and often totally not related things (Smoke).
We seems to be stupid and let him do so.
We seems to be even more stupid because we react on his smoke again.
The smoke always consists stirring the ideas that the things we work with and 
where we believe in are reeeeeaallllllly bad.
We all then end-up with a multitude of smoke which will never conclude to 
something and keeps us from doing the things we do best.
I think Steve likes to do this work in our community.
I would vote to leave Steve to Steve.

gee, Eduard, thanks for the kind words.  So when people in this
community of ours routinely bash MSFT out of ignorance, that is OK,
but spreading the word that MSFT software, esp their programming
languages and run time frameworks, is great for the i5 shop, that is
not OK.


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