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I have a few objects that are failing to restore, and CPD37A0 is saying
PGM GETHMC in library QGPL is unsigned and could not be
restored. An unsigned object cannot be restored when either the Verify
Object on Restore (QVFYOBJRST) system value is set to not allow restore of
unsigned objects, or when the object is a system state or inherit state
object and the QVFYOBJRST system value is set to any value other than 1.

Should I be concerned about this object, or just change the system value,
restore the object, and change it back?

The default for QVFYOBJRST is 3 which should allow unsigned user-state objects to be restored. So either you have increased the value to 4 or 5, or this program is system-state AND unsigned hence the warning because, of course, only IBM can be trusted to create system-state programs that do no harm.

Most of your own program objects are likely unsigned so setting this system value greater than 3 could cause problems with disaster recovery.

If you set the value to 4 or 5 then you presumably have your reasons and this program is one of those you don't want on the system.

If the program is system-state then:

o The program is unlikely to be from IBM. Doesn't start with Q, User name is not *IBM, System name is not all zeros.

o So if this program is part of an application or product from a vendor you trust then you should probably change the system value, restore, and reset the system value.

o If it is in-house code (to Get some information about the HMC perhaps) then you should already know whether it is safe. Is RS042 one of your systems? Is AGOMEZG one of your developers?

Otherwise I doubt the list can answer the question with any certainty (unless someone is familiar with the program).

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