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I have no idea who this user, nor this system is:
Created by user  . . . . . . . . . . :   AGOMEZG
System created on  . . . . . . . . . :   RS042
I suspect that RS stands for Rochester.  Although the times I've used
STRRMTSPT it's normally to a system name like RCHASRMT1. But having had
the tour a few times (and having to use machines in their lab to dup a
tape) they have quite a few available.

My memory tells me that all Rochester host systems used the name prefix RCH. It's always possible that this is a Rochester system and that this program is a diagnostic utility of some sort.

It is unlikely to be IBM production code so I'd not bother restoring them. If someone needs them you'll soon hear about it.

The only objects created by that user, on that system, are:
Library     Object      Object    Object
                        Type      Attribute
QGPL        GETHMC      *PGM      CPPLE
QGPL        VLDLS       *PGM      CLE

And he was the only user that ever created anything on that system that is
on my system.
(Checked this with DSPOBJD to an outfile).

Wouldn't that creation date be pre HMC though? Or does time really fly?
Creation date/time . . . . . . . . . :   10/29/04  14:42:23

Same create date and time on both objects - down to the second.

I don't recall when the HMC came out. October 2004 does seem possible for HMC but I hated the idea of using a Linux system and Unix commands (albeit hidden by a graphical interface) to manage i5/OS so I didn't really pay much attention to it at announcement. HMC exposes too much of its pSeries roots for my liking. I accept such a device has advantages but I still dislike the idea. Better than using WinDOS though!

Maybe HMC means Horizontal Micro Code in this context? Doubtful! Something for Management Central?

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