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ChadB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx schrieb:
> My gut feeling is that the 60/1200 will be just fine, but you should try to
> do some analysis of your interactive workload on the current 720.  You
> should be able to get a good enough feel by just looking at the interactive
> oriented graphs available within the system monitors in Ops Navigator.
> Unless you REALLY need a whole ton of interactive, the Enterprise model
> will be a huge premium price to pay... this is worth doing the analysis on
> instead of buying the Enterprise model 'just in case'!
> We want to replace a model 720 with 120/240 CPW either with a 520+ Express
> with
> 60/1200 CPW or a 520+ Enterprise with 1200/1200 CPW.

Hello Chad and others,

now we have some numbers:
Users on system overall = 168, with about 100 of them concurrently active.
Our graph from performance measuring of interactive functions is going from
everything between 12% to a 100%, with an average about  35-40%.
We have been advised that you have to calculate abot 1-5 CPW per user,
this would be a 100 CPW minimum for us.

any plans to modernize your applications? 5 CPW per user cant be
anything more than RPG green screen code. What if your 100 users were
accessing the system thru a browser and running something written in
PHP? My guess is you would need a lot more than 1200 CPW for something
like that.

Now, if you take into account, that disk I/O and memory of a 520 are
much faster
than a 720, is it correct to say that the CPW-value of a 520 counts
about 2-3 times
as much as a 720's value ? Or is interactive CPW = interactive CPW ???
BTW, is there such a hard limitation as it used to be with the S20/S30
systems ?
Unfortunately there is a huge gap between those 60 CPW and the enterprise
version with the full 1200 CPW and one is not able to "just do a
So even if we could say that 60 CPW nowadays compare to the old 720's CPW
values like 120 or 180 CPW this is still just enough to handle our load
of today.
Every little bit of extra will slow down the whole system or will it
just be the
interactive jobs, that suffer ?

I dont like the idea of you overpaying IBM for a geared down system.
From what I read IBM is selling solution systems with full 3800 CPW
for the same price of these so called enterprise systems.  While I
stand on the sidelines I would like you to demand that if they want
your 50,000? euros they have to take the governor off the CPU.

Seriously, as fast as the system runs your ( presumably ) green screen
applications, you have to question if it has enough horsepower for
future web application.

good luck,


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