Then this is perfect in that environment since all of your apps will run fine in HATS with no source code or other development tools needed. What HATS allows you to do, *only if you want to*, is to further customize your Lawson screens without the need for source code. However, if all you want to do is eliminate your 5250 workload and use 0 interactive, install HATS and be done with it. Your Lawson apps will run in a browser and that is the only difference you'll see.

Again, IF your goal is to eliminate the "interactive tax" and go to a zero interactive footprint on your System i, installing the WDHT product and using HATS is a great way to go. It will work for any 5250 program, requires no source code for the target application, and your programs look just like they do in a 5250 environment.

WDHT *allows* you to customize screens without the need for source code using HATS. You don't have to. You just get the advantage of 0 interactive and a browser based deployment. As far as your Lawson applications are concerned, you don't have to do a thing. They'll run in HATS just fine.


Pete and Steve,

I totally agree with you, but : we are stuck to MOVEX 10A from Intentia (now owned by Lawson), this is management decision. No own development is done here, only reporting / queries and so on. Decision has already been made to move to an "oracle package" in 2010, which we try to keep on the iSeries platform. So we have to be productive for the next 3 1/2 years and then at least we need
to run this machine as an archive for all historical data.


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