Relating to the topic at hand, I think the chances that a clean install of 
iSeries Access on a WinV machine would work well are excellent. IBM 
doesn't want to work with "chances", so they test before supporting. 
That's a good thing, but not necessarily the point. Maybe we should wait 
until Vista is actually being considered for the workplace before 
discussing hypothetical compatibility issues.

O.T., I've done almost exactly what you said; loaded both WordStar 3.3 and 
WordPerfect 5.1 on a 2005-era PC booted to DOS 6.2, just for shucks and 
grins. For both, printing is nonfunctional (expected), but 
search-and-replace -- or almost any other file manipulation -- on even a 
very large file is nearly as fast as "type key, see character on screen". 
Hardly any disk access, except when saving, so everything must be handled 
in RAM (even though DOS didn't see all the RAM in that PC).

GUI. What a waste of great hardware [very big grin].

I think I've used up my quota of keystrokes for e-mail for the morning.


Darrell A. Martin  -  630-754-2187
Manager, Computer Operations

midrange-l-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 11/14/2006 09:24:41 AM:

You upgrade because you want to, not because you _have_ to. I've not
tried it, but I'd bet good money I could load DOS 6.2 on my new Pentium
Cure Duo laptop, and kick up WordPerfect for DOS.


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