Here's an example for you.  I use Microsoft Sharepoint in our organization
as a document repository for Microsoft Office documents.  My laptop has
Office 2003.   My desktop has Office 97 (I know it's old, but it's software
I own and it works).  Sharepoint won't let me open Word docs created in
Office 97, I would have to load/purchase Office 2003 to view that document
inline from my desktop.

Now, this is more focused on actual apps that M$ sells and not as nearly
focused on development areas which is where I was more directing my
complaints (i.e. VB6 to VB.NET).

Aaron Bartell

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If they don't come out with new versions and force you to upgrade they 
don't make money.

OK I'm staying away from the backwards compatibility issue, not because I
think it's true, but because I don't have time for a religious war, but I
can't let the above comment go.

In exactly what way are you FORCED to upgrade? I'm not aware of anything in
Windows or Office that comes along and says, "We're sorry, it's January
2007, you must upgrade to Vista. Shutting down now..."

You upgrade because you want to, not because you _have_ to. I've not tried
it, but I'd bet good money I could load DOS 6.2 on my new Pentium Cure Duo
laptop, and kick up WordPerfect for DOS.


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