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as per a couple of other replies go with the 65+21 system panel functions to find out what kind of console you have configured. You can find some instructions on there here (hopefully):


otherwise go to the infocenter and search on 65+21

If it hasn't already got one, the PC you have connected to the iseries will need a _full_ install of client access. to connect to the iSeries. The particular component you need is Operations Console, and in order to connect you will have to start Operations Console - NOT emulation - and define a new connection to your system.

I don't recall what the initial IP configuration you should specifiy is, but have a hazy recollection that it doesn't matter; this would be worth checking if the connection doesn't work. The configuration screens are a little confusing but you should be able to follow your nose to configure them.

Some other points in no particular order:

- leave the QCONSOLE device and password at the defaults for now;
- Make all passwords upper case for the time being (and enter them that way !)
- make sure you write the access password down
- use 11111111 and 11111111 to make the initial SST connection when the connection box comes up - The connection box does not always display in front of the operations console window; you can tell is is available when you see "Pending Authorization" on the status display in the main Opertions console screen

Hope this helps a bit. I found Lan console the worst of all the console options to set up, partly because it has the weakest documentation.

For those championing twinax, I don't disagree with the general thrust of what has been said (it IS simple) but it is worth keeping in mind that you would quite likely have some similar problems getting a console at initial set-up if the box is not shipped as configured for a twinax console. This doesn't always happen as I know from personal experience (which is party how I became familiar with some of the items above)

Evan Harris

At 09:45 a.m. 14/11/2006, you wrote:

Stefan, thanks for detailing that out.  I did manage to view the IP
addresses based on your instructions and they were set to and  It appears as those are the IP addresses for the T1 and T2
Ethernet ports which I believe are used for HMC's which I did not order.
The Quick Start Guide that I received stated that the Ethernet cable should
go in T5.  Note that going into control panel 30 only allowed me to view the
IP addresses of T1 and T2.  Does it sound like my system was sent to be
configured with an HMC?

Aaron Bartell

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