Sorry about not making the airlines more obvious. United into O'Hare both ways. Air Canada to Toronto and United Express on the final return leg. From what the United site said it looked like only United was in Terminal 1 and United Express and Air Canada shared Terminal 2.

Not having to spend time going through customs again is what I am really hoping will make it possible to make the connections that United sold me.


On 10/15/2004 11:27 AM, Jon Paris wrote:

>> I just noticed that I have to go from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 this time
and the United map makes it look like you have to go through the ticket
areas (and thus security) to get between the terminals. Is that correct or
is there a better way .....

I could be more certain if you specified the carriers rather than the
terminal number which in O'Hare really means nothing.

Canadian flights come into the domestic gates at O'Hare as we clear customs
in Canada.  I know for sure that going from (say) a United flight to an Air
Canada does not require leaving the security zone.  You can also switch to
American, Delta, or Northworst without going outside - they've fixed most of
the inter-terminal security issues.

Net - I doubt you have a problem.

Jon Paris

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