We have the 3582-L23, and it can indeed act as two separate drives. 
Currently, we have one drive in it connected to a 720, and the second 
drive connected to an Intel box.  Not sure how the 3581-L23 in configured, 
but the 3582-L23 has 2 removable cartridges which each hold 7 tapes, and 
there are an additional 9 slots available at the back of the system, as 
well as the I/O slot.  Only possible downside to the 3582-L23 is possible 
contention for the picker arm, if both drives simultaneously request a 
media move.  Not sure what would happen then, but we have yet to find out.

Hope That Helps,

Keith Blazek
MIS Coordinator

"Jeff Crosby" <jlcrosby@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote on 10/04/2004 05:45:26 PM:

> In upgrading to a new i5, I will be looking at replacing the 3570 dual 
> drive I have.
> A BP gave me a quote with 2 3581-L23 drives.  In looking on the IBM 
> it appears to me that the 3582-L23 can be configured to look like 2 
> drives to the i5 (which is how my 3570 is configured).  Assuming the 
> of a single 3582-L23 is less than 2 3581-L23, is there some reason why 
> I not just get a 3582-L23?
> Thanks.
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