Hi Philipp,

Procedure completed as You desribed.
The 2nd "Reclaim IOP strorage" only took a couple of seconds.
and didn't reported any errors.
I then selected the option "perform IPL"
Normal indications as "Storage management" appeared on the console, 

On the signon screen I entered QSECOFR with the password as it was set by us.
I got the screen with the IPL options, work with PTFs and rebuild LF.
( system IPLd from MACH#B in QSYSOPR msgq )

After a while I got following SRC codes :
11-3 B900 37FF
12-3 0D20 0180
13-3 20D0 0100
14-3 D8E2 E8E5
15-3 C5D9 C6E8
16-3 4040 0570
17-3 D4C3 C8F3
18-3 F4F0 F200
19-3 0000 0000

Sorry to bother You again, but do have You any idea what to do next ?

*Was the IPL at this stage a good idea ?
*Because of the good weather in Antwerp 
 the temperature in my room has gone up to 30° ?
*Could it be that some system objects are corrupted 
 and that a full re-install from tape is in order ?

BTW, the system runs on release V4R3

Kind regards and many thanks in advance,


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