With a message that refers to a 'member', I'd suspect that the AS/400 is not 
recognizing that the file is a savefile regardless of whether a savefile has 
been created and regardless of the <.savf> extension on the PC file.

Since your PC file has a .savf extension, a savefile does not need to exist 
before the FTP transfer takes place. However, in order for the FTP server to 
notice that you're transferring a savefile, you could use NAMEFMT 1 in addition 
to BINARY. To get the basic Windows/DOS FTP client to tell the server that you 
want to use NAMEFMT 1, use an FTP script like:

 ftp> cd /qsys.lib/YourLib.lib
 ftp> BINARY
 ftp> put d:/mypath/FlName.savf

This should create a savefile F1NAME in library YOURLIB and copy the PC file in 
to it.

(Note that the "QUOTE SITE NAMEFMT 1" is actually not needed in the above 
sequence if the CD subcommand is the first object reference in the script. When 
the first object reference is given in the <NAMEFMT 1> format, the FTP server 
automatically switches to NAMEFMT 1 anyway.)

Although FTP is somewhat standard across platforms, OS/400 savefiles are not. 
Fortunately, it only takes a couple tweaks to get a working script for them.

Tom Liotta

midrange-l-request@midrange.com wrote:

>Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 08:12:50 +0000
>When I'm trying to FTP a Save File(FlName.savf) from PC to another save file
>on AS/400, I'm receiving an error messase in MS-DOS.
>...Error writing to Member ABC in file XYZ.
>...transfer aborted.
>I'm using Binary mode for save file transfer. Changed current directory to
>the target library on AS/400. And a save file has also been created in the
>target library on AS/400 before the transfer.

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