• Subject: RE: Performance tuning suggestions
  • From: "O'Connor, Peter H." <102736.3535@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 10:35:05 -0500

There has been discussion of the value of the IBM tuner.  For your
information.  In 1982,  I designed the 1st automated performance tuner in
the world (Charlie Tuner).   For your information, tuner and tuna are both
pronounced the same in Boston.  All the time IBM PO,POed the idea of a
program tuning the system even as late as 2 years ago.  On the S/38 and
early years of the AS/400,  IBM claimed that running jobs in *BASE was BAD
and that individual private pools were the only way to go. In the 80's, 
Doug Anderson drilled this into our heads.  Well guess what?  Doug Anderson
was correct.  Shared pools are not what IBM makes them out to be.  They are
totally misused and abused.  They are a throw back to the days of shipping
the S/38 with everything running in *BASE.  *BASE was misused and abused.

In 1983, we put in minimum/max values.  It has taken IBM 16 years to get to
where we were in 1983.  Al is correct "They are Virginia Slims, they have
come a long way baby",  they are now = to 1983.  If you want your system
tuned like Charlie did in 1983, that is fine.  

There tuner was like molases in the beginning now it runs like lighting. 
They have no clue has to performance tuning.  To bad they did not have guys
like,  Dick Graham, Doug Anderson, Rick Tuner,  who understood performance
tuning.    Unfortunately, all these guys have left because of early

Peter H. O'Connor
PAE Inc.
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Salem, MA 01970-5343
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