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>Hmmm - how many COMMON's can you attend for the cost of QPFRADJ ?
>Which by the way now monitors and tunes in 20 second intervals, not 15
>minute intervals).
>"This isn't your father's QPFRADJ  !".

For a while now, the QPFRADJ's 2 and 3 capabilities (dynamic tuning) wait
for 20 seconds.  At the end of a 20 second interval, if it determines that
there are shared pools that are starved for memory, and other shared pools
with excess memory, it will note which pools these are.  It will then wake
up five seconds later, and make a similar assessment.  Assuming that that
assessment was consist ant with the first assessment, it will do this a
third time (again after a five second wait).   At that point, with three
consistent assessments, it will act like Robin Hood, stealing memory from
the rich pools, and moving memory to the poor pools.  Once it's satisfied
that there are no overly starved and no overly overfed pools, it will then
revert to the twenty second wait.  I have never heard of a 15 minute wait
on IBM's tuner.  Possibly others.


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