• Subject: RE: V3R1 to V4R2
  • From: Neil Palmer <npalmer@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 16:32:56 -0600

The key for doing an upgrade in this manner is that you MUST know your
application intimately.
Yes, QUSRSYS contains all the wonderful stuff like your system directory
entries, OfficeVision enrollment entries Calendars Supplementary
Spelling Dictionaries and Text Search Indexes, Security
Journals/Receivers, SNADS queues, Problem Logs & Journals/receivers,
Service Provider/Contact Information, TCP/IP server configuration &
table file, Filer Server Storage Spaces, Job Scheduler Entries, Fax/400
profiles & OTHER STUFF.

        That's what I meant by "manually setting up all the config,
system directory, communications, etc. etc".
        It was all covered in the "etc. etc".     :-)

        BUT - if you are a very small shop (basically a few dumb
terminals and a single AS/400 application that you KNOW inside & out),
and are not using any remote communications, TCP/IP, OfficeVision, or
any other fancy applications (Fax/400, etc.), AND have only a few user
profiles that you can manually recreate (along with and system directory
entries required for CA/400), and maybe only a daily backup entry on you
job scheduler that you can manually recreate, then you CAN upgrade in
the method I mentioned.  I have done it several times for VERY SMALL
accounts, and will stand up publicly and state that I did NOT use the
Roadmap on those occasions.  Actually, for the very first upgrade to
RISC I did I was sort of forced into this method as I couldn't get hold
of the Roadmap.  No one should have that problem today.
        So - although I do NOT encourage others to do the same, in a
small enough situation it IS possible to do a CISC to RISC upgrade in
this manner.

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> >You can always upgrade by getting a new machine, manually setting up
> all
> >the config, system directory, communications, etc. etc, then
> unloading
> >all your libraries, to tape and restoring on the new machine, making
> >sure you have all the user profiles and authorities etc. 
> >BUT - if you want to use the CISC to RISC Roadmap and the supporting
> >code for the upgrade, then you need to be at V3R2 if you are going to
> go
> >to V4R2 on your RISC machine.
> With all due respect to Neil, you will loose any IBM data in QUSRSYS,
> and
> some of that data may be specific to your applications.
> Al
> Al Barsa, Jr. - Account for Midrange-L
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