• Subject: Re: TCP/IP Printing to an IP address and Port
  • From: fcubbage@xxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 10:04:27 -0800

>Frank E Cubbage wrote:
>> Not familiar with NEtPort, but my guess is that you can't do it 
>> the serial is 3001, which it probably is not.
>> I had the same problem with the JetDirect Plus 3 which has three 
>parallel  ports.
>I was just looking at the 3 port model myself.  I have a cient which has
>companies and the A/P clerk would like to have a bank of printers to 
>avoid paper
>changes.  They wouldn't buy my recommendation of a color laser printer 
>to doforms on demand.
>All devices are currently connected via twinax and we ordered the 
>adapter for their 400 (V3R2).  My intent was to use the 3 port JetDirect
>create a bank of printers.  From your post I gather it would be a 
>waste of time to go down this path.
I didn't have a pressing need to use all three ports on AS/400, most are
on NetWare, there is no problem there.  I got the new and cheap 150 model
for those that needed AS/400 printing.

>From the other posts, it seems that the NetPort may have a good
although I don't completely understand it, maybe I'll get one to see.
Its also possible that I missed this feature in JetDirect, but I sure
for it at the time.  I also think I called HP, but I call so often I
can't be sure.

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