>I recently upgraded from a 310 to a 620-2180 with release 4.1  ..  512
>meg memory, 62 gig internal 8 gig dasd Raid 5.  I also installed a
>620-2175 for hi availability using mimix. I am having a problem when
>jobs are initiated. Takes 4-9 seconds when a menu option is selected -
>but sub second after job is running. Especially bad if user hasnt hit
>enter key for a while. Preopening files did not help.. Did not have this
>problem on 310.. IBM has thrown it back into my  business partners lap
>saying it is either a configuration problem or needs performance tuning.
>I did split up some pools as per IBMs recommendations but it has had no
>affect. I went from a relative performance of 56.5 on 310 to a 113.8 on
>2180, and overall performance is worse. Am I wrong to think the 2180
>performance should be screaming (louder then my boss !!) ? I even moved
>my programming staff to my backup 2175 , still no difference.. IBM seems
>to be passing the buck, and I am stuck .Any input ??  thanks

Hmmm.  I went through a similiar upgrade in December.  310-2044 to a 620-
2180.  Unfortunately (for you) no problems.  We are skating along.

Your memory size is one thing of curiosity to me.  What size did you have
before?  Hopefully 256 MB or less.

Have you been running performance tools during this time?  How do
your memory pool sizes look?  How about DSPSYSSTS?  What are

When you talk about job initiation being slow I am awful suspicious
of memory pools and activity levels.

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