I may have slipped and bumped my head but
I am trying to come up with an easy to get the
information (Job name,user, and number) of the
job using a specific device.  By easy I mean easy
programming and from a resource standpoint.

I have situations where I may have a device failure
and the program is attempting to recover on it's own.
When it doesn't I will get a job that loops.  While
pursuing the issue of why it won't recover I want to
be able to control the looping job - specifically I want
to end the job.

I will know the name of the device in question, but not
necessarily the job name.  Other than working with
locks (I'm concerned there may not be any..), what is
the easiest way to say I have device DSPMINE and want
to end whatever job is xxxxxx/YYYYYYYYYY/DSPMINE?

Most things I can think of will create a generic list which I
could process against.  I want to avoid doing this because
I want to get at it quick - I'd rather only have one job name
to process instead of checking multiple jobs.

I'm pretty sure there is a way and I'm sure I've read or looked
at it before but for the life of me can't remember (must be
V4R2 pricing shock).

Sorry for the rambling but does anyone have any suggestions?

Michael Crump
Technical Project Leader


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