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>I recently upgraded from a 310 to a 620-2180 with release 4.1  ..  512
>meg memory, 62 gig internal 8 gig dasd Raid 5.  I also installed a
>620-2175 for hi availability using mimix. I am having a problem when
>jobs are initiated. Takes 4-9 seconds when a menu option is selected -
>but sub second after job is running. Especially bad if user hasnt hit
>enter key for a while. Preopening files did not help.. Did not have this
>problem on 310.. IBM has thrown it back into my  business partners lap
>saying it is either a configuration problem or needs performance tuning.
>I did split up some pools as per IBMs recommendations but it has had no
>affect. I went from a relative performance of 56.5 on 310 to a 113.8 on
>2180, and overall performance is worse. Am I wrong to think the 2180
>performance should be screaming (louder then my boss !!) ? I even moved
>my programming staff to my backup 2175 , still no difference.. IBM seems
>to be passing the buck, and I am stuck .Any input ??  thanks

 Try playing w/ the memory pools, putting much more memory in your
interactive pool.  Also, check out the PURGE() parm of the CHGJOB command.
On a more permanent basis, if this works, I believe that this value resides
in the class description.


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