• Subject: Re: "Webulating" RPG
  • From: David Morris <dmorris@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 15:03:36 -0700


I would like to see you direct the effort toward the JAVA/RPGIV program 
interface.  I 
can see no advantage in using RPGIV to generate JAVA bytecode.  We use JAVA to 
JAVA bytecode.  I would tell your business partners to use this opportunity to 
jump ahead of their clients.  
Maybe they are trying to confuse the competition.  The time invested toward 
generating bytecode 
is not wasted, think of it as training.

In our opinion, the interface between JAVA and RPGIV is where the effort should 
be concentrated.  
It is very important to us that you provide full access to ILE programs.  We 
need that to protect 
the investment we have made.  We are moving toward JAVA on the client.  We 
intend to 
start using JAVA to provide the user interface for our programs.  At this point 
we are still learning.  
Most of our applications have been divided into two parts.  The user interface 
and system interface.  
All of our data and system access is provided by service programs, the majority 
of which are RPGIV.  

If the RPGIV people are looking for something to keep them busy, how about 
enhancing the prototype 
interface?  Allow variable type like OPTIONS(*VARTYPE).  Also provide full 
support for operational 
descriptors.  You could allow for different calling conventions, on the 
procedure interface allow call type 
"C" or "CL".  Allow renaming of procedures within the binding language (Don't 
force us to generate 
meaningless procedure names and their corresponding prototype).  Allow 
constants to be protected 
via addressing.  Not by evaluating the source at compile time.  Enhance the 
debugger to prompt for 
context when the context cannot absolutely be established.  Allow a variable to 
be passed to the 
%edit built ins.  Provide a built in to retrieve a system pointer.  Provide a 
built in to activate a program.

Just a few ideas if you are looking for something that would help us.

Thanks for asking,

David Morris

>>> Jon Paris <paris@ca.ibm.com> 02/11 11:43 AM >>>
As many readers of this list will be aware, at the COMMON conference in San
Antonio last Fall, we showed a "Technology Preview" of a version of VisualAge
for RPG which generated Java bytecode.  This provides the ability for an
application written with VARPG to be deployed over the web and made available
to any user with a browser (i.e. it would run on Apple Mac, Network Stations,
AIX, Win 95, Win NT, etc.)

While the code running in San Antonio was real (i.e. the demo was not faked) it
still represented only a fraction of the work needed to produce a full working
product.  We've been working hard on this since the fall, but there's still a
lot of work to do and we've now reached the next decision point (Go (and at
what speed), No go, etc.)

As part of the process, I'm asking you folks for your comments on the
usefulness of such a tool to you.  We've heard from a number of Business
Partners who are excited by it, now we'd like to hear from some more of our
leading users.

If you don't want to post your comments to the list, or if you have further
questions on what such a product could do for you, please e-mail me directly at
the address below.

Jon Paris - AS/400 AD Market Support - paris@ca.ibm.com 

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