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I think it would be of great value.  With VARPG supporting TCP/IP this is 
the next step for portable code that has at it's roots a scripting language
(RPG) alot of us know and like and also will have to support for a long long
long time anyways.   I'm in a shop with 4 developers who know RPG.  We
will soon have to learn Lotus Notes development, they do not have time to
learn JAVA (BTW we are in the middle of another big project that will last 
a year or so already, you might have heard of it Y2K ?). Java is there for
those who have a C background or have the time to learn it(AND are in a 
shop who will give them time/money to learn it).  

Now if we could only convince those people who want a GUI, windows based,
runs on the PC, Doesn't need CA/400(TCP/IP), true visual language, minimal
learning curve(RPG background), Win95/NT, dirt cheap, etc............
that one already exists and is mature - - VARPG - - we'd be getting 

Imagine a Visual language that has a CHAIN or READE opcode???
No need for ODBC or SQL??? AND generates JAVA bytecode??  It F#$%@^ amazing.
Nah, that would be tooooo hard to learn.

John Carr

Jon Said;
As many readers of this list will be aware, at the COMMON conference in San
Antonio last Fall, we showed a "Technology Preview" of a version of VisualAge
for RPG which generated Java bytecode.  This provides the ability for an
application written with VARPG to be deployed over the web and made available
to any user with a browser (i.e. it would run on Apple Mac, Network Stations,
AIX, Win 95, Win NT, etc.)

While the code running in San Antonio was real (i.e. the demo was not faked) it
still represented only a fraction of the work needed to produce a full working
product.  We've been working hard on this since the fall, but there's still a
lot of work to do and we've now reached the next decision point (Go (and at
what speed), No go, etc.)

As part of the process, I'm asking you folks for your comments on the
usefulness of such a tool to you.  We've heard from a number of Business
Partners who are excited by it, now we'd like to hear from some more of our
leading users.

If you don't want to post your comments to the list, or if you have further
questions on what such a product could do for you, please e-mail me directly at
the address below.

Jon Paris - AS/400 AD Market Support -
Phone: (416) 448-4019   -   Fax: (416) 448-4414
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