• Subject: Re: OLD 36 Database.
  • From: Tim Truax <truax@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 08 Feb 1998 23:51:31 -0500

Hello Dean and KMS,
Dean... Although I have no knowledge of crossing the S36 files identified with
IDDU into the AS400 area, I do believe that your statement would be true, and 
As400 would accord the S36 IDDU defined files the same status as native DDS
described files for RPG ILE.
Specifically to KMS, I know you are an expert Dean :)
Like I said, I am working on an (As400 resident) S36 "database" ...if you could
call it that!  And we have the files externally defined to the AS400.... Now you
will not get any Dec Data Errors on any of the existing S36 programs using 
described files,  But when you write something native and process a "very poor"
S36 database you may get several Dec Data Errors (this is where the 
on the CRTRPGPGM comes in handy) .. But really if the S36 database had been
handled even with the slightest professionalism then it should be just fine.  
AS400 is one great computer, do not let limited-people you ask questions of 
the AS400 's capabilities! Any time someone working in the AS400 arena starts
saying things like "Well...you really can't....." or "This particular thing you
are after can't really be....."  It is time to get out the booooolshet-o-meter  

:-) Tim & Dana Truax (-:

DAsmussen@aol.com wrote:

> Tim and KMS,
> programs that access the S36 database, and you can to!
> In the "old days" (ehhh, what did you say there sonny?), the /36 database was
> fully accessable to the /400 with even DSPFFD if you externalized it with IDDU
> (and linked it with IDDULINK).  Is this still true with ILE?

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