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        Rich Dotson wrote:
        > I'm looking at purchasing an AS/400 for my small consulting
company (3 - 5 developers).  In the next year I would like to use this
AS/400 to:
        >         1. Setup a company web site.
        >         2. Learn ILE RPG
        >         3. Learn to integrate Lotus Notes and AS/400
        >         4. Learn Java for the AS/400
        >         5. Setup a small NT network on IPCS
        > My questions are:
        >         1. What size AS/400 would you recommend for this?
        >         2. What are some of the features I will need to
purchase to accomplish some/all of the above items on the list?
        >         3. Should I purchase/lease it directly from IBM or a
3rd party?
        >         4. Should I wait for the next release with the Native
Notes or purchase now/upgrade later?
        >         5. What should I expect to pay to get this system?
        > I have been playing around with the configurator on the IBM
web site but I'm a RPG programmer/Lotus Notes developer by trade and
have very little hardware experience.  I wanted to get some insight from
you all before I contacted IBM so I could seem somewhat intelligent.
        > Rich Dotson
        > RT3 Consulting Services, Inc.

        I use a model 150 to do all of the above.  If you get 8 gig
disk, go with the base 128 meg memory, one extra comm line and twinax
controller, you can get a 150 Growth for around $15K ot $16K list.  If
you want to run notes and NT on the IPCS, you should probably get 2 IPCS
so that you can experiment, delete, recreate, etc., without affecting
the other application.  I would bet that NT needs its own IPCS anyway.

        There's a slight flaw in this suggestion.  The PCI based systems
(150, 600, 610, 620 AND S20 if no SPD bus, AND the new 160/170 Invaders)
can have only ONE IPCS.
        So, if you want to do NT serving and Domino, you will HAVE to
wait for Native Domino on V4R2 as you will need your one IPCS for NT
(which also isn't available until V4R2 anyway).
        Now, if you ALSO want to run the Firewall code, which should be
on it's own IPCS, then you're out of luck.  The cheapest machine that
can handle two IPCS cards is the 620/S20 with SPD bus (it can have up to
16 IPCS cards with the SPD bus, and two if the expansion unit is PCI, as
you have one PCI IPCS in the base unit, and one in the PCI expansion
unit) - and even with the new low end 2175 processor on the 620 it's
still a LOT more expensive than a model 150/160/170.

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