On 10/26/05, Hayes, Joe <joe.hayes@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:Dan,

> I would use the AS400 run remote command (runrmtcmd) in conjunction with
> Blat.exe to send the email.
> You can, however, send e-mail from the i5 if that's all you're looking to
> do.

On 10/26/05, Kelly Cookson <KCookson@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> It's also fairly simple to send email from a Java program using the
> JavaMail package. I believe the Java program could also attach local files
> from the PC if that's a reason why you need to send email from the PC.

Thanks, but...

This is intended to be somewhat a proof-of-concept, a simple way to show
that we can run *any* PC command from action taken inside of an RPG program.
My original intent is to create a new function in an existing Customer
Service app that, when certain conditions occur, the CS reps *always*
Alt-Tab to their email client on the PC (Outlook), paste in the recipient's
email address from a previous "copy" on the AS/400 green-screen, uses
pre-defined keyboard macros to fill in the subject and a ready-to-use
template of the email body. Several pieces of information are copy/pasted
from AS/400 to Outlook. Getting this simple idea to work should provide the
impetus for brainstorming on other things that the CS reps spend a lot of
time with Alt-Tabbing.

- Dan

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