I'm not sure what all of your requirements are, but here are a couple of 
thoughts (keep in mind I'm new to all this myself):

The JTOpen (Toolbox for Java) DataQueue class in the com.ibm.as400.access 
package lets you read data queues. You could run a Java program on your PC that 
reads the data queue on the iSeries and gets the command. Your Java program on 
the PC could also read a record from a DB2 file instead of a data queue.

How you would trigger the Java program to run on the PC is something I'd be 
interested in knowing, too. 

What kind of command do you want to execute on the PC? A DOS command? If you 
just want to work with files on the PC, the Java program itself might be able 
to do what you want.


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Note: IANAJPY (I Am Not A Java Programmer, Yet)

Has anyone perused "Calling PC Commands from RPG" by Kevin Vandever, found
at http://www.itjungle.com/mpo/mpo091202-story05.html ? (Try
http://tinyurl.com/dcahd )

I downloaded the java program, compiled it on my PC, and I have a .class
file that I have no idea what to do with. The goal is to have an RPG program
running on the iSeries submit a data queue entry containing the PC's IP
address and a PC command to run on that PC. Something running on the PC
accepts that data queue entry and runs the command.

Anybody know what actually runs on the PC? How to "invoke" (?) this? I
java CommandServerJDQ.class -cp "C:\Downloads\AS400\IBM Java\lib\jt400.jar"

... and got:
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:

Note that the ClassPath (-cp) is the same used to compile the .java via the
javac command.

TIA, Dan

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