The problem is, you need other things that are denoted with &.
Example: mailto: Joe.Hayes@xxxxxxxxxx?subject=look at this website&body=Hi,
I found this website and thought you might like it

I couln't get this to run from cmd.exe for love nor money.

Here's some VBScript code that you could invoke to accomplish this.  Save it
as whatever.vbs, and then it can be executed from the command line, so your
java app will have no trouble.

set shell = createobject("")

theAddr = "someone@xxxxxxxxxxxxx"
theCC = "someone-else@xxxxxxxxxxxxx"
theBCC = "someone-hidden@xxxxxxxxxxxxx"
theSubject = "The subject line"
theBody = "Line 1" & vbcrlf & "Line 2" & vbcrlf & "Line 3" "mailto:"; & theAddr _
& "?subject=" & escape(theSubject) _
& "&body=" & escape(theBody) _
& "&cc=" & theCC _
& "&bcc=" & theCC

Other options are better.  However, they would require actual programming
(as opposed to simple scripting).

If someone figures out how to get mailto: to go from cmd.exe with all the
options, I'd love to see it.

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The command isn't executed as if it were run in the "Windows Run" box, it's
executed as if it were run in the "Command Prompt" window. So you should
test-run your commands there instead. And the command you need is

start mailto:dan2@xxxxxxxxx

And here's a link I dredged up that describes in more detail how to format
the mailto URL:

You'll find more such links by googling "mailto URL" (which is where I got
that one).


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O.k., thought I'd give an update.

Got the PC side working. Ended up setting a classpath as an environment
variable. This classpath stuff is as clear as mud. Will have to get more
experience using it.

Someone off-list sent me an example RPG program that invokes notepad.exe.
And this really works like a charm!

Unfortunately, I tried using "mailto:dan2@xxxxxxxxx"; (using my real address)
as a command sent to the data queue, but got:
Command to be Executed = mailto:dan2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx did not start CreateProcess:
mailto:dan2@xxxxxxxxx error=2

... even though this works from within the Windows Run dialog box.

So... How can I find out how to start an Outlook "Create New Email" window,
plugging in recipient email address, subject, and body text? This is Outlook
2002. Presume that Outlook is already running.

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