Hey guys,

I've tried most of your suggestions, but no luck...

Matt Haas:  "You could also create a new job description for users 
QTMHHTTP and QTMHHTP1 (I think both use QDFTJOBD) that has the libraries 
that you want in it's library list."

I tried this with the following command:  CRTJOBD JOBD(CGIBIN/CGIJOBD) 
TEXT('Job Description for CGI programs...') INLLIBL(QSYS QSYS2 QHLPSYS 

I got the job description created, changed QTMHHTTP & QTMHHTP1 user 
profiles, ran my program again and got the following library list:

QSYS            SYS
QSYS2           SYS
QGPL            USR

I also went as far as writing my own program to display the library list 
on a web page using the QUSRJOBI API...and each library list (System, 
Product, Current, & User) in that API, using format JOBI0700, gave me 

Bob Cozzi:  "If you don't have access to the files in other libraries then 
that means it is a security issue, not a library list issue, right? Simply 
adding a library to the library list will add it, then do a USROPN on the 
file in the RPG program, or if you are on OS/400 V5R1 or later, use the 
EXTFILE and EXTMBR (if applicable) keywords on the F specs.
That way you can set the file and its library:
FMyFile IF  E      K DISK   EXTFILE(somefield) USROPN
D somefield     S       21A
C        eval  somefield = 'MYLIBR/CUSTMAST')
C        OPEN  MYFILE"

I tried this as well...still no luck...


Let me try to explain my problem with some down & dirty detail...I've got 
a web page (spdb1.html) with the following source:

Content-type: text/html

<title>Standard Parts - Database</title>
<center>Standard Parts - Database<br>
<form action="/cgi-bin/spdbw2">
<table width="75%">
<td>What would you like to do?<br>
<input type="hidden" name="userprf" value="/%userprf%/">
<input type="radio" value="Add" name="waction"> Add<br>
<input type="radio" value="Modify" name="waction"> Modify<br>
<input type="radio" value="View" name="waction"> View</td>
<td>Please select a Commodity Code<br>
<select name="wcommcd">


<td colspan="5" align="center">
<input type="Submit" value="Submit">&nbsp;&nbsp;<input 
<a href="/cgi-bin/spmnuw">Back to Main Menu</a></td>

I've got an RPGLE CGI program that I call in order to display this page. 
In this program, I'm trying to access a file CCSDTA/DCSCIM.  This file has 
*PUBLIC *EXCLUDE authority, then lists several users who have *USE 
authority to the file...now, my user id SCESSNA has *ALLOBJ authority, 
which I assume overrides the *PUBLIC *EXCLUDE authority on the file (is 
this correct?)...I can access this file fine via green-screen...This 
program is called SPDBW...here's my source for it:

h bnddir('CGIBIN/CGIDEV2BND') 
h option(*nodebugio:*srcstmt) datfmt(*usa) timfmt(*hms) 
fdcscim    if   e           k disk    usropn extfile(filename)
 // Prototypes 
 /copy cgibin/qrpglesrc,prototypeb 
 /copy cgibin/qrpglesrc,variables3 
 /copy cgibin/qrpglesrc,usec 
 // Standalones and Constants 
d path            s           1024 
d userid          s             10a 
d optiondata      s            200 
d ccarray         s              4a   dim(100) inz 
d idx             s              3  0 inz 
d ccpos           s              3  0 inz 
d todaysdate      s               d 
d todaystime      s               t 
d filename        s             13a   inz('CCSDTA/DCSCIM')
 // Mainline 
  exsr $input; 
  path = '/home/scessna/cgidev2/html/spdb1.html'; 
  exsr $uniquecc; 
  exsr $webcc; 
  todaysdate = %date(); 
  todaystime = %time(); 
  wrtsection('bottom *fini'); 
  *inlr = *on; 
  // $uniquecc - load all unique commodity codes into an array
  begsr $uniquecc; 
   idx = *zeros; 
   open dcscim; 
   read dcscim; 
   dow not %eof(dcscim); 
     ccpos = %lookup(commcd:ccarray); 
     if ccpos = *zeros; 
       idx += 1; 
       ccarray(idx) = commcd; 
     read dcscim; 
   close dcscim; 
  // $webcc - load all commodity codes from array to web page
  begsr $webcc; 
   for idx = 1 to 100; 
     if ccarray(idx) <> *blanks; 
       optiondata = crttagopt(%trim(ccarray(idx)):%trim(ccarray(idx)));
  // $input - get input from web page
  begsr $input; 
  /copy qrpglesrc,prolog3 
   userid = zhbgetvar('userprf');

The reason I think I'm having a library list issue is because when I try 
to access this program, CGIDEBUG contains the following:

2005-04-14- ZhbGetInput: Request method = GET
2005-04-14- ClrHtmlBuffer: Previously written HTML has been 
2005-04-14- GetHtmlIfsMult: 36 records read.
2005-04-14- WrtSection: HTML = Content-type: text/html
2005-04-14- WrtSection: HTML =
2005-04-14- WrtSection: HTML = <html>
2005-04-14- WrtSection: HTML = <body>
2005-04-14- WrtSection: HTML = <head>
2005-04-14- WrtSection: HTML = <title>Standard Parts - 
2005-04-14- WrtSection: HTML = </head>
2005-04-14- WrtSection: HTML = <center>Standard Parts - 
2005-04-14- WrtSection: HTML = <br>
2005-04-14- WrtSection: HTML = <form 
2005-04-14- WrtSection: HTML = <table width="75%">
2005-04-14- WrtSection: HTML = <tr>
2005-04-14- WrtSection: HTML = <td>What would you like to 
2005-04-14- WrtSection: HTML = <input type="hidden" 
name="userprf" value="SCESSNA">
2005-04-14- WrtSection: HTML = <input type="radio" 
value="Add" name="waction"> Add<br>
2005-04-14- WrtSection: HTML = <input type="radio" 
value="Modify" name="waction"> Modify<br>
2005-04-14- WrtSection: HTML = <input type="radio" 
value="View" name="waction"> View</td>
2005-04-14- WrtSection: HTML = <td>&nbsp;</td>
2005-04-14- WrtSection: HTML = <td>Please select a 
Commodity Code<br>
2005-04-14- WrtSection: HTML = <select name="wcommcd">
2005-04-14- WrtSection: HTML =

it stops right there...where it clearly should be populating my option 
list from data in CCSDTA/DCSCIM...at first I thought it was an authority 
issue, but IBM said that I should tweak my HTTP server configuration to 
include the following:

SetEnv QIBM_CGI_LIBRARY_LIST "CCSDTA"  <- according to IBM this should set 
this library in the CGI job's library list...however when I do a WRKACTJOB 
SBS(QHTTPSVR) and look in the CGI job's library list, it's not there...

<Location /cgi-bin/spdbw>
   AuthName "Standard Parts"
   AuthType Basic
   PasswdFile %%SYSTEM%%
   Require valid-user
   UserID %%CLIENT%%

IBM also told me that if I had this (UserID %%CLIENT%%) in my Location 
directives, that I wouldn't need to use profile tokens or handles to 
change user authorities to be able to access files...I've tried this 
method as well, to no avail...

I really do appreciate all the help and suggestions you guys have given me 
so far...Thank you all so much for your patience...


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