On 10-Aug-2016 17:55 -0500, Kevin Adler wrote:
On 09-Aug-2016 18:38 -0500, CRPence wrote:
And then come to find that my metered bandwidth *and* 70 days were
both _wasted_ on that download; the net, summed up in the
following message when I clicked on the instructed file: "You can't
open the application IBM i Access Client Solutions.app because it
is not supported on this type of Mac." Nothing in the readme or
anything else I saw suggested any pre-requisite.? Certainly not
very useful to know that the software "runs on most operating
systems that support Java, including … Mac", but no implication
that my Mac would be excluded :-(

That's interesting, since it should work.

After the download I double-clicked the IBMiAccess_v1r1.zip to unarchive. Everything seemed to go well after I did the "Double click install_acs" according to the IBMiAccessQuickStartGuide.html; i.e. I was prompted for and answered a bunch of yes\no responses, the install completed, and there was a file copied to the "application to the Applications folder" indicating all went well per "[a] successful install will copy the application to the Applications folder." Then I visited the Applications folder, and double-clicked that copied .app file [showing as the icon for the] IBM i Access Client Solutions.app, only to receive the "You can't" message.

What model Mac and what version of OS X are you running? I think that
the .app is built against 10.6 in both 32-bit and 64-bit "fat binary"
format, so it should support most any Mac out there nowadays.

≤About This Mac:≥
Mac OS X Version 10.6.8
Processor: 2.16 GHz Intel Core Duo
Memory: 2 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM

Hardware Overview:

Model Name: MacBook Pro
Model Identifier: MacBookPro1,1
Processor Name: Intel Core Duo
Processor Speed: 2.16 GHz
Number Of Processors: 1
Total Number Of Cores: 2
L2 Cache: 2 MB
Memory: 2 GB
Bus Speed: 667 MHz
Boot ROM Version: MBP11.0055.B08
SMC Version (system): 1.2f10

In any case, you can always bypass the .app and just run the jar
file directly: java -jar acsbundle.jar Double clicking the
acsbundle.jar may also work, not sure on Mac, though.

Looking in the unarchived folder IBMiAccess_v1r1.zip, I found the acsbundle.jar, and so I double-clicked that. That started some work; I answered another prompt and was presented with a shell window [that I did not recall receiving before on the first install] and in that window this promising result was displayed:

…/IBMiAccess_v1r1/Mac_Application/install_acs ; exit;
…/IBMiAccess_v1r1/Mac_Application/install_acs ; exit;

Installation completed.
You may exit this terminal window.


[Process completed]

So then I went back to try double-clicking the same application icon [the .app file] as was failing before, but I got the same results trying to start iACS; i.e. again, I received the "You can't" message.

Thinking that, perhaps, having left the since-unarchived folder in what was an effective temporary directory, I would move that folder into my Applications folder and copy the .app file onto my desktop; and maybe that could help. Same problem :-(

Then I decided to investigate this .app file further, so I right-clicked and did a Show Package Contents. But instead of my expectation that the Archive utility or Finder utility might show the contents, some "Checking Application Installation" [or something similar] appeared in a short\wide-sized window, and eventually a "License Agreement" pops up. WTF?

So then I move the .app file back to Applications and try the double-click again; "You can't" is the effect, still. OK, so I try that Show Package Contents again... but this time instead of running something, the more mundane and expected effect is a Finder window popping up and showing me the acsbundle.jar, AcsConfig.properties, and some folders.

So now what? Hmmm... Now, *on your advice* I decide I need to revisit the acsbundle.jar. So rather than double-clicking like last time when the effect appeared to be the completion of my install, I right-click acsbundle.jar and am presented with two options for open; Open-With Jar Launcher.app (default) (13.9.8) or Archive Utility.app (10.6). So I try the Jar Launcher, and *finally* something happening --> initializing -> starting -> Welcome to IBM i Access Client Solutions. The same effect should have happened with double-click; just pointing out I did not do that this time. So I create an alias for this file and send to my Desktop; verify that double-click starts the application -- Yeah!

OK, so that apparently *bypasses the .app file* just as you suggested could be done.

For no particular reason, I poked around further, and in the directory Start_Programs I find a subdirectory Mac_i386-32_x86-64 with another executable called acslaunch_mac which looks promising; i.e. if the .app does not function directly, perhaps this is the alias\icon I need to click from one of my Desktop|Application folders. Nope. The effect is a shell window presenting the following:

/Applications/IBMiAccess_v1r1/Start_Programs/Mac_i386-32_x86-64/acslaunch_mac: Bad CPU type in executable

OK, keep poking around. Now inside the acsbundle folder, I find another jar, the acsmain.jar, and decide, given the only thing up to this point that has directly allowed launching iACS with just a double-click was acsbundle.jar, this one by its naming, sounds promising also. Voilå, this also starts iASC by just double-clicking. So I create an alias for this file too, and send a copy to the desktop and verify double-click again brings up the iACS.

The acsmain.jar clearly is /slimmer/ than the acsbundle.jar, so I am curious what is the difference; given the recommendation was to use the latter, I will, but I am still curious.

If you're still having issues, you can always open a PMR.

Seems not, according to the accepted terms "as-is"? Plus as I had noted already, I had to "lie" to complete the Registered IBM ID [as an upgrade to my ordinary\public IBM ID].

I have an ugly\generic .jar icon [instead of the provided iACS icon with\for the .app] as the apparent workaround to launch easily, without having to jump through hoops; I will test using this setup, and ignore that the .app file is non-functional.

I do not know how to change the icon on my .jar file to be the one originally assigned to\for the .app file [though appearing with a white circle with a backslash]; so if anyone knows how [I knew how on Win, just do not know how on Mac], I welcome any assist. <-- Scratch that; I found " Change Icon (for Mac)" under the "File associations" in the IBMiAccessGettingStarted.html file, and that gives information about changing the icon for the file.

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