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> True, but there are pure Java Subversion clients:
>    http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&q=java+subversion
> I don't have a Subversion install to test against, so I can't vouch for
> the functionality.  The Ant tasks could be tweaked to use these
> libraries, though they're not "official" Subversion products.

There is actually only one.  It is called JavaSVN.


I have really mixed feelings about it.  It is reverse engineered from the 
protocols and has to correctly recreate a lot of "edge cases" to work 
properly.  The Subversion devs have always strongly discouraged this. 
Since they designed Subversion to be an API library that you can just use, 
they did not document and in some cases are not even aware of all of these 
edge cases. 

JavaSVN has mostly worked pretty well and we are working to integrate it 
into Subclipse as an option.  That being said, there have also been some 
nasty data loss bugs that would not exist if you were using JavaHL since 
it uses the Subversion libraries as an API.

The integration of JavaSVN with Ant is pretty shaky.  There are no Ant 
tasks for it, so you have to use Ant's ability to run a Java class.  The 
easiest way to use Subversion with Ant is to use the <exec> task with the 
svn command line.  Although there is also a set of Ant tasks that are 
hosted at the Subclipse site that make use of JavaHL.


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