wdsci-l-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 05/03/2005 04:36:47 PM:

> > As for the RPG question, IMHO, storing your RPG in stream files and a 
> generic version control system isn't really viable for the reasons you 
> alluded to.  Subversion doesn't really do anything to change the 
> But with the ability to compile RPG programs from the IFS this now 
> an interesting tool. Check out the SRCSTMF option on the CRTBNDRPG 
> My problem before was that I couldn't get CVS running on the iSeries, 
but if
> Subversion gets rid of that limitation I may be good to go! :-)

Personally, I do not see how Subversion running on OS/400 changes 
anything.  You always have had the option of using the IFS as a network 
share and using the CVS client from Windows.  Since, I doubt you are using 
EDTF to edit the source, that would seem to make the most sense anyway.

In the short term, Subversion does not change this equation as currently 
only the server portion of Subversion is ported to OS/400.  You still have 
to use a client from another OS.  We will eventually port the client, 
there are just other items ahead of that on our agenda.  We only really 
care about the server.


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