Mark -

The profile owns only IFS objects - no program objects, no files.

PRTADPOBJ returns 'No objects that adopt . . . were found'.

The profile 'owns' an application but it has QPGMR as the group profile and
*GRPPRF as the 'OWNER', so the profile itself doesn't actually own anything
other than a couple of IFS directories.

"Mark S. Waterbury" <mark.s.waterbury@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi, Steve:

You should also determine if any *PGMs that are owned by this profile run
with USRPRF(*OWNER) adopted authority.

Type GO SECTOOLS and look at option 21. Adopting objects (PRTADPOBJ).

All the best,

Mark S. Waterbury

Steve McKay wrote:
I have a user profile that is not used to sign-on but has *ALLOBJ
authority. I want to revoke *ALLOBJ from the user profile but I don't
want to break any production jobs. How can I determine what the effect
might be if I remove *ALLOBJ? Can I do something with the audit journal
to display all the things that this user profile might touch in the
course of the day?

Thanks for your help!


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